The Body & Science

Our bodies want to be healthy and thrive. As long as we find and remove the Hidden Health Obstacles, your body will do what it’s designed to do. Traditional and functional medicine look at symptoms. We are the only ones looking at ALL the root causes.

Our team has a combined scientific experience of almost a century. Everything we do is data driven and science sits at the foundation of our process and approach. Unlike traditional and functional doctors, we look at ALL science in different fields of study. This universal approach is how we can identify hidden health obstacles that no one else can.


The traditional doctors test for 30 variables, and the functional medicine doctors test for about 300. We test over 2500 biological variables.

This gives us a holistic picture about your food and supplementation needs to remove any biological hidden obstacles permanently. We then coach you how to integrate the process with ease and free up extra time for you to create your dream life with.

  • Assess gut, DNA, hormones, nutrients, toxins

  • Analyze data

  • Done for you supplement plan

  • Customized nutrition

  • Permanent body control integration


Did you know since 1976, eighty two thousand new industrial chemicals have been used on people. 99% of the chemicals have no human safety testing.

Our world is more and more polluted with toxins. Our workspaces have not been redesigned in hundreds of years. We will do a full analysis of your environment. Then we help you implement a plan to eliminate the poisons you’re currently surrounded with and replace them with life giving products.

  • Identify toxic water and air

  • Assess home and workspace set up

  • Create non-toxic plan

  • Change personal care products

  • Change home and office equipment

  • Allow cells to detoxify and renew


Our bodies are exposed to 100,000 times more electromagnetic fields than just 100 years ago. We now know that vibrational energies directly affect our genes and our biology. You will know what equipment to get to protect your cells from damage as well as equipment to enhance your health.

  • Identify damaging EMF sources

  • Formulate strategic plan

  • Use protective equipment

  • Use technology for rejuvenation


Our minds have the greatest impact on our health and our lives. With Alzheimer’s predicted to triple by 2050 brain health is becoming one of the top concerns for the world.

We identify the chemistry as well as the thought patterns that are currently toxic to the brain. Then we use a data driven process of nutrients and “thought transformation” to restore brain health. With a fully functional brain every goal every intention and every desire become easier to obtain.

  • Identify dysfunctional brain regions

  • Identify outdated belief systems

  • Generate brain enhancement program

  • Update belief systems

  • Integrate process for unconscious mastery


Studies have shown a body with more than 12% imbalances in strength and flexibility has between a 300% – 1700% increased risk for injuries. Our bodies also directly influence the chemistry of our minds.

We are the only experts who can find deep hidden imbalances in the body that many times hide between multiple systems. Instead of a complex workout, we teach you a simple easy to implement plan to restore your imbalances without the need for any equipment or a gym.

  • Posture assessment

  • Movement assessment

  • Imbalance and pain detection

  • Generate restoration program

  • Integrate program into a habit

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