We see a world where people thrive, a world where people find and reveal their best-self, a world where people cooperate to build a dramatically better and sustainable future – one without limitation, without illness, and without fear. We collaborate with the like-minded. and co-create with the forward-leaning, to bend the future for the betterment of all. Sweeping global changes are upon us, that will dramatically affect billions and transform our planet.  These forces will stretch the social fabric. We create powerful one-of-a-kind experiences and tools to enable those ready to harness these changes for good, to thrive and contribute. If you believe we are at the precipice of something extraordinary, we’ve created a portal for you to step into, and through. It is up to you to take the first step.

Ammortal Experiences

Your greatest life awaits you on the other side of your hidden health obstacles. These obstacles are the root cause of  dysfunction, and accelerated aging, and they limit your potential, potency and capacity. Ammortal Experiences are multi-day events that reveal the obstacles that are blocking your mind, body and spirit from expressing your best, most vibrant self; and reveal the opportunities and abundance awaiting you on the other side.  Through a deeper understanding of your biology, mindset, bio-mechanics, energy, and environment, we can share a personalized framework (with tools and skills) to support you as you journey forward to your best self.  

Ammortal Machinery

Ammortal Machinery creates cutting-edge, disruptive solutions in collaboration with other forward-leaning people, to unlock, harness and empower humanities best self. The 5Element Ammortal Chamber, the first equipment released from Ammortal Machinery will be available in 2020. The Chamber combines five core energetic technologies to synergistically “supercharge” the repair, restore, and regenerative systems of the mind and body. The Chamber is the first and only equipment of its type, yet its subcomponent use the latest science and proven, medical-researched technologies. A single use of our 5Element Chamber is designed to decrease inflammation and restore and create vital energy at a cellular level. With regular use, it offers the potential to place your body in a “bio-optimized” state, where the processes behind detoxification, anti-inflammation, healing, energy production, and rejuvenation are fully activated – rather than suppressed by our imbalanced often toxic 21st century life. Get ready to look, feel and perform differently – mentally and physically.