The Body & Beyond the Science

Our bodies want to be healthy and thrive. As long as we find and remove the Hidden Health Obstacles, your body will do what it’s designed to do. Traditional and functional medicine look at symptoms. We are the only ones looking at ALL the root causes.

When you maximize science you then seek answers from ancient wisdom.

Keep in mind “science” just means something is measurable and has its flaws. Any measurement by a human must be interpreted by the cognitive biases of humans. We have not been able to measure and quantify the quantity of the emotion of love.

Does that mean there is no such thing as love?

If you’re on this page, we assume you have an open mind and want to fully leverage the understanding of ancient wisdom in combination with science to achieve something not possible with either one alone.


The traditional doctors test for 30 variables and your typical “yearly physical” test has not changed much in 30 years. Functional medicine doctors test for about 300 biological variables. We test over 2500 biological variables.

This allows us to get truly reveal the hidden chemical imbalances and remove those obstacles permanently.  Removing them leads to a heightened ability to achieve a clear mental state for manifesting the life you desire.

  • Assess gut, DNA, hormones, nutrients, toxins

  • Analyze data

  • Done for you supplement plan

  • Customized nutrition

  • Permanent body control integration


Did you know since 1976, eighty two thousand new industrial chemicals have been used on people. 99% of the chemicals have no human safety testing.

Our world is more and more polluted with toxins. Our workspaces have not been redesigned in hundreds of years. We will do a full analysis and implement a revision of your environment.  By getting rid of toxins and allowing the use of proper colors and energy flow from Feng Shui principles, your space can change from hindering to helping you and your health.

  • Identify toxic water and air

  • Assess home and workspace set up

  • Create non-toxic plan

  • Change personal care products

  • Change home and office equipment

  • Allow cells to detoxify and renew


Our thoughts and vibrations have the power to change water crystal formation, affect the movement of photons, and even how our immune cells function even at 50 miles away. We now know that vibrational energies directly affect our genes and our biology.

We can measure the specific emotions and thought imprints that are out of balance in your body. Much like code in a software program we use proven tools and process to update your Source Code. By reprogramming the code that runs your entire system, patterns in all areas of life that no longer serve you go away.

  • Identify damaging EMF sources

  • Formulate strategic plan

  • Use protective equipment

  • Use technology for rejuvenation


If life was a game, our subconscious is the game designer and our consciousness awareness move the player along.  Currently the entire game is under attack as our physical brains and thought patterns are being damaged by toxic media and toxic chemicals.

We identify the specific damaged areas of the brain and the “outdated” subconscious programming. As your physical brain and the subconscious is restored, you get to be the powerful game master of your life again.  This is more than just manifesting. This is about creating the things, the feelings, and the experiences you desire.

  • Identify dysfunctional brain regions

  • Identify outdated belief systems

  • Generate brain enhancement program

  • Update belief systems

  • Integrate process for unconscious mastery


Our body is the solid earthly form of our thoughts and our spirit. Any dysfunction or imbalance here directly affects our energetic and spiritual self.  Because the hidden imbalances in the body also exists in the thoughts and emotions. Have you ever felt neck pain and stiffness from excessive stress?

We use a unique mind body approach to fully identify and resolve those stuck muscles and emotions. With the full release of that tension, you can finally feel at ease physically and mentally and be ready to create life with joy.

  • Posture assessment

  • Movement assessment

  • Imbalance and pain detection

  • Generate restoration program

  • Integrate program into a habit

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